The following resources provide homeowners information and simple methods they can perform to increase their home’s efficiency and prevent damage:

DIY Resources for Homeowners

  • Hot water heater maintenance (Do It Yourself):

One simple method to make your hot water heater run more efficiently and to increase its life is to grab a small bucket and drain out some water from tDraining small amount of water into a bucket from a hot water tank to remove sediment. diy resources-for-homeowners Resources Water heater draininghe tank’s drain valve. This valve is near the base of the heater.  You can attach a short garden hose to this valve if your heater tank is not elevated above the floor.  It doesn’t take much, draining about a half-gallon or so twice a year will flush out collected sediment that degrades the tank liner.  If the water looks brown you can continue until it runs clear – just be careful and go easy because the water will be scalding hot!  This simple DIY will add years the the life of your water heater.

Remember, if you are having a problem with your water heater or need a replacement in the Mount Pleasant SC area just give Roberts Home & Yard Service a call at 843-475-7676.


  • Add water alarms near water sources (Do It Yourself):

Water damage is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to your home.  Your can purchase an inexpensive and effective early warning device that can signal a leak before it causes major damage.  One such device is a water alarm called  “The Watchdog” by Glentronics, Inc.  A picture of The Watchdog water alarm device diy resources-for-homeowners Resources Water alarmThis is a battery operated device with a detachable sensor that you can place near water heaters, laundry rooms, and HVAC drip pans. When water is detected this device sounds a 110 dB alarm to alert you. These can be purchased from most home improvement stores or ordered on

If you are not inclined to do this yourself, Roberts Home & Yard Service will gladly come out and install water alarms to critical areas of  your home.  Click here for more information on preventing water damage in your home or  just give us a call at: 843-475-7676


  • Insulate your garage door (Do It Yourself): 

Adding insulation to your existing garage door is an easy project that can make a significant difference in your home comfort. Insulation will bRadiant Barrier Install to Garage Door diy resources-for-homeowners Resources IMG 1141 optlock excessive cold, heat, and noise.  If you live in coastal South Carolina you are probably well aware of the excessive heat that can build up in a garage. If you have an uninsulated metal garage door you have a “giant radiator” that transfers radiant heat into you garage and the rest of your home.

A simple solution is to purchase a few rolls of “radiant barrier” insulation along with some foil backed tape from your local home improvement store. I like to use a product called Reflectix – it comes in 24 and 48 inch width rolls.  You simply measure you door sections, cut the product to size with scissors and put it in place with a few strips of foil tape.  Its important to not adhere the insulation firmly to the door – attach at the edges and leave a small air gap between the door and the insulation. After the radiant barrier insulation is installed you will immediately notice at how much cooler your garage is in the summer. If your door is a dark color and receives direct sun the difference is simply amazing and you will wish you had done in much sooner.

If you are not inclined to do this yourself, Roberts Home & Yard Service is here to help.  Just give us a call at: 843-475-7676


More homeowner resources to come!