Ceiling Fan Install in Mount Pleasant SC

Ceiling Fan Install in Mount Pleasant SC

Do you need a ceiling fan install in Mount Pleasant SC or Isle of Palms SC?  Maybe you need a fan on your outside covered porch?

You probably have a number of areas in your home where a light can easily be exchanged with a ceiling fan.  Ceiling fans can enhance a room’s decor and provide much needed air movement, making a room feel 4 to 5 degrees cooler  in the the summer.  In the winter months, fans can be reversed (set speed to low) to circulate warm air -bringing the warm air trapped near the ceiling down into the living space. You can save significantly on cooling and heating costs throughout the year. Additionally, ceiling fans placed on a covered porch provide cooling as well a deterrent to biting insects.

Roberts Home & Yard Service has installed numerous ceiling fans for customers in Mount Pleasant.  When we install your ceiling fan the first consideration is to ensure that the ceiling electrical box is mounted correctly and is “ceiling fan” rated. Once the fan is mounted correctly and proper electrical connections are made, the fan is tested to ensure it is balanced and is otherwise working properly.

Roberts Home & Yard Service can install a fan you purchase or we can provide a fan for you. We are happy to provide suggestions and provide you a ceiling fan that complements your home.  If you are placing the fan on a ceiling of 9 feet or less the fan will likely include the proper sized down-rod you need.  However, if you have higher ceilings then you can use the simple formula below to determine the down-rod length you need:

Ceiling Height (in feet) – 9 feet = Downrod length

For example, a ceiling height of 12 feet would need a downrod length of 3 feet (36 inches). This places the fan blades approximately 8 feet from the floor which is most optimal.


FAQ and some things to consider:

  • Do you have a vaulted or sloped ceiling?  This is usually Ok and a special mount is available to accommodate this situation.
  • Do you want remote control?  Many ceiling fans are available with remotes that add convenience allowing you to operate your fan from anywhere in a room.  We can also add  remote control capability to your existing fan if you desire. 
  • What size fan do I need?   Small rooms (10×10′) 30-48 inch fan, medium size rooms (20×20′) 50 -54 inch fan, larger great rooms use 56 inch fan or larger or consider using multiple fans.  

If you already purchased a ceiling fan or have something in mind give me a call at 843-475-7676.  I am happy to discuss your options and provide you a free quote.

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